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  • Application of PVC foam board

    Application of PVC foam board

  • Development history of PVC foam board

    PVC foam boardIn 1912, the first patents for PVC were founded in Britain and Germany. It was not until the early 1930s that PVC was able to be produced cheaply, limiting its marketable applications for the time. It was here that PVC’s water resistance was shown to be an important property, and too

  • Why choose PVC foam board/PVC celuka foam board for Cabinet?

    Why choose PVC foam board/ PVC celuka foam board for cabinet? On the one hand, not like the wood material, PVC foam board/PVC celuka foam board is waterproof, even if water is covered or meets it, it will never split it or corrupt.On the other hand, PVC foam board/PVC celuka foam board is easy to cut to any shape and clean.

  • Embrace Style and Perfection with WPC

    Many a times, it happens that the same things become boring and tedious. We often work on our walls, decor, room arrangements etc. but when it comes to door frames, we, because of our ignorance, leave them as it is. But now, no need to compromise with the styles of door frames. The time has come to

  • Bored of painted walls? Here’s an idea!

    Everyone wants his/her house to look good and thus every lady of the house sets the house, taking care of minutest thing possible. But some people get irritated seeing a painted wall whereas some want the wall to look like a piece of art. Well, don’t worry here is something one can do to get rid of

  • Know the most common components of furniture board

    There are different types of boards are used to make furniture items for domestic and commercial use. These boards can be used both indoor and outdoor for manufacturing other products as well apart from furniture. The most common components of furniture board are MPC & WPC.

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